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The Indus Valley Civilisation SET II

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The town planning in the Harappan Civilisation was inspired by a regard for

  • beauty and utility
  • uniformity
  • sanitation and public health
  • demographic factor
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The Indus or Harappan Civilisation is distinguised from the other contemporary civilisation by its

  • town planning
  • underground drainage system
  • uniformity of weights and measures
  • large agricultural surplus
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Match the location of the following Harappan sites:

List - I           List - II

(Sites)              (States)

A. Ropar          i. Uttar Pradesh

B. Alamgirpur  ii. Punjab

c. Kalibangan   iii. Gujarat

D. Dholavira     iv. Rajasthan

E. Banwali         v. Haryana

  • A-ii, B-i, c-iv, D-iii, E-v
  • A-i, B-ii, C-iii, D-iv, E-v
  • A-ii, B-i, C-iii, D-iv, E-v
  • A-ii, B-iii, C-i, D-v, E-iv
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Most of the large harappan towns had fortifications which served the purpose of

  • safety from robers
  • protection against cattle raiders
  • protection against floods
  • All the above
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Cereal(s) grown by the people of the Harappan Civilisation was/were

  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Millet
  • All the above
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The utensils of Indus Valley people were mainly made of

  • Clay
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Brass
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Which of the following objects was not worshipped by the Indus valley people

  • Mother goddess
  • Pashupati Shiva
  • Trees such as Peepal and Acacia
  • Trimurti
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At which of the following Harappan sites has a supposed dockyard been found?

  • Kalibangan
  • Lothal
  • Sutkagendor
  • Sotka Koli
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The economy of the Indus valley people was based on?

  • Agriculture
  • Trade and Commerce
  • Crafts
  • All the above
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The Harappan Civilisation declined as a result of 

  • Aryan invasion
  • Decline in foreign trade
  • Ecological factors
  • Not definitely known factors
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