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Economic Planning

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  • In the post independence period, economic reform were first introduced in India under

  • janata Party Government (1977)
  • Indira Gandhi Government (1980)
  • Rajiv Gandhi Government (1985)
  • PV Narsimha Rao Government (1990)
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  • Which of the following body estimates national income in India?

  • Reserve bank of India
  • Planning Commission
  • Finance Commission
  • Central Statistical Organisation
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  • In the context of India's Five year Plans, a shift in pattern of Industrialisation with lower emphasis of the heacy industry and move on infrastructure begins in?

  • Forth Plan
  • Sixth Plan
  • Eight Plan
  • Tenth Plan
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  • Who presides over the National Development Council of India ?

  • Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission of India
  • Prime Minister of India
  • Finance Minister of India
  • Vice President of India
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  • What is the main objective of the Provision of Urban Amenities in Rural (PURA) model of economic development?

  • To facilitate the economic development in rural areas with the least participation of public sectors
  • To reverse the migration of population from urban to rural areas
  • To provide the privatised model of economy in the rural areas
  • To propel economic development without population transfers
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  • Planning in India drew on

  • the new economic programme of Lenin
  • the Fabian Socialism of Sidney and Beatrice Web
  • the British Welfare mechanism
  • new democratic development packages
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  • Model towns were created in India in the 1950s with the object of

  • providing urban planning skills to local governments
  • creating housing at affordable rates
  • paving the way for all inclusive growth
  • providing housing for those displaced during partition and be an example of good town planning
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  • Which one of the following Plans adopted the policy for the universalisation of elementary education in India?

  • Sixth Plan
  • Eight Plan
  • Ninth Plan
  • Eleventh Plan
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  • Which one of the following Economist proposed the LPG model of economic development in India?

  • Dr C Rangarajan
  • Dr Montek Singh Ahluwalia
  • Dr Amartya Sen
  • Dr Manmohan Singh
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  • From which one of the following enshrined in the Constitution, the Planning of India derives its objectives and social premises

  • Fundamental Rights
  • Fundamental Duties
  • Directive Principles of State Policy
  • None of the above
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