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National Wetland Conservation Programme (NWCP)

  • Government of India opertionalized National Wetland Conservation Programme (NWCP) in closed collaboration with concerned State Government during the year 1985/86. Under the programme 115 wetlands have been identified till now by the Ministry which requires urgent conservation and management initiatives.

Aim of the Scheme

  • Conservation and wise use of wetlands in the country so as to prevent their further degradation.

Objectives of the Scheme

 The scheme was initiated with the following objectives:-

  1. to lay down policy guidelines for conservation and management of wetlands in the country;
  2. to undertake intensive conservation measures in priority wetlands;
  3. to monitor implementation of the programme; and
  4. to prepare an inventory of Indian wetlands.

Proposed funding pattern under the Scheme

  • Financial assistance under NWCP is provided for two components i.e. Management Action Plan (MAP) and Research Projects. Under the Scheme, 100% assistance is provided for activities.
  • Conservation and management of wetlands is primarily vested with the State/UTs, who are in physical possession of the area. 

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