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NewGk ( is a leading website providing studying material for different competitive exams and general. This website is a project of Poonam Sinha, a former aspirant of Civil Services Examination. The main orientation of this website is to create a large repository of knowledge for the general reference of students and aspirants. GKToday was launched on December 12, 2017 and is providing quality study material for different competitive examination being held in India. Team members of this website are energetic and enthusiastic IAS aspirants.

We provides dynamic study material by understanding current trend of examination pattern of different exams. Moreover students of different class can also get benefitted from this website. We post current articles on different topics after being studying carefully.

As we do not allow editing by our subscriber, you can easily contact us for the same through email for improvement of this website.

This website is being monitored and managed by a professional web designer. For any suggestion Please do write to us.